Fashion in the Age of Datini


Documents and literature from the late middle ages are the core of this site. Here is an index to them.

  1. Rules of the Jupe-Makers of Venice (1219 and later)
  2. Rule of the Crossbow-Makers of Venice (before 1278 to after February 1307/1308)
  3. Rules of the Paris Guilds (1296 and later). Still on old Wordpress site
  4. City Laws of Prague (14th century) NEW 2021
  5. The Baggage of a Student in 1347 NEW 2021
  6. The Limburger Chronicle on clothing around 1350 NEW 2021
  7. Rules of the Tailors of Troyes (1399/1400)
  8. Rules of the Pourpointiers of Amiens (1429/1430)
  9. Rule of the Hosiers of Touraine (1447/1448) NEW 2021
  10. Laws on Having and Bearing Arms at Strassburg (first one transcribed is from 1452) NEW 2021
  11. Ordinance of the Council of Koblenz for the Master Tailor's Exam (1454) NEW 2021
  12. Statutes of the cousturiers of Caen, June 1455: Ordonnances des rois de France, vol. xiv, pp. 360-363 coming when I can transcribe it
  13. Rule of the Tailors of Poitiers (1461) coming when I can transcribe it
  14. Rule of the Pourpointiers and Tailors of Bordeaux from 1462
  15. Rule of the Tailors of Abbeville (c. 1480) coming when I can transcribe it
  16. Rules of the Armourers and Scabbardmakers of Angers (1488)
  17. Rule of the Tailors, Hosiers, and Doublet-Makers of Seville (1522) coming when I can transcribe it, see pp. 361-371 of 570 of (1527 printing) or fol. 163-169 of (1632 reprint)

I also have some collections of information about surviving objects from the middle ages. If it is more a 'catalogue' than an argument, it goes under sources rather than essays.

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