Fashion in the Age of Datini


A vocátio is a call or summons. In the days of the open web, I posted these calls for sources and experience on forums and mailing lists. Now that material culture geeks are more scattered across places which format text in different ways, I am posting links to these pages instead.

If an essay starts with "here are some things I have learned about ..." a vocátio begins with "I think I see a pattern and I want to learn more about ..." or "could it be that ...?"

If you want an email when these posts appear, please write to with "Vocatio" in the subject line and I will add you to the list.

  1. Doublet Coats (2021-07-01)
  2. Aketon Seams (2021-07-24)
  3. Canvas Patterns (2021-09-01)
  4. Caddis Stuffing (2021-10-01)
  5. Black v. ffoulkes (2021-11-13)
  6. Wood in Spears (2022-02-16))
  7. John of Garland, and Odds and Ends (2022-06-16) (just a collection of links to things on this and other sites)
  8. Sooper secret book draft! (2022-08-16)
  9. Tailor's Tools (2022-09-10)
  10. Update on the sooper secret book draft (2022-11-07)

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